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About Ruairi O’Connor

My name is Ruairi O’Connor. I am a CELTA and TEFL qualified teacher with over 8 years of experience teaching English in a traditional classroom as well as 2 years online to students ages 3 to adults. I previously taught English in Korea and Japan in both public and private schools. Teaching ages starting from 3 up to adults. As an ESL teacher, I have extensive experience with planning and delivering my own lessons. This included preparing and running after school classes for selected students in a variety of subjects including creative writing. More recently I have been working additionally and an Editor for an online ESL company, editing existing content as well as creating lessons to cater to the UK market.

Additionally, I have created winter and summer exams and implemented lesson materials for summer and winter camps. My focus has been to work on students speaking, reading, and writing, with emphasis on their confidence using the English language in these areas. I also have taught History and geography in English

I like to make sure my classroom is fun and full of activities for the students regardless of level. The more fun they have, the more they want to learn! I want to get to know them so I can cater my class to their needs and make sure they get the most out of the lesson. I have extensive knowledge of US English as well as UK standard and preparation student for entrance exams.

Outside of the classroom, I like to go running every day. I also am a big fan of reading fantasy or crime novels. I also love to cook and think the spicier the better! I can’t wait to see you in my classroom and we can begin our adventure together!

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