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At Preconcept Academy, we firmly believe that education should be easily accessible, affordable and everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn. We aim to provide high-end English tutorship at competitive prices from the convenience of just anywhere in the world, around the clock.

Unlike a dozen other online tutoring platforms, Preconcept Academy seeks to provide a wholesome English learning experience, which is fun and reflective of the individual objectives of our students.

 If your goal hinges on improving your English conversation skills, writing, vocabulary tremendously, then you can trust Preconcept Academy to provide competent tutors to help you actualize this goal.


In 2020, at the peak of the coronavirus, a group of friends who were privy to providing online tutorship to non-English speakers, were totally thrown aback when they were tasked to teach Business to native French speakers who were intermediate English speakers but below average in writing. This was such a huge huddle because these eager to learn students explicitly explained that, learning English was a top priority, but it was too expensive to enroll and the proximity of such centers were miles away. So these dedicated friends decided to provide extra English tutoring classes for a little fee.

There and then the amazing idea of teaching English to non-native English speakers  via the internet was birthed. Two years (2022) down the road, Preconcept Academy was formed to ensure that anyone anywhere regardless of their background would have full access to highly effective 1-to-1 and group English tutorship at an affordable price.

Today, our commitment still remains steadfast and stronger than before. We believe that learning doesn’t have to be boring and difficult. This has greatly influenced our pedagogy and could easily be seen in our friendly tutors and our generally practical and exciting courses.  We hope to continuously provide amazing learning experiences whiles adding more courses to serve the growing needs of our students.

Our tutors provide exceptional tutoring and structured courses to help prepare students for tests and real conversations. All tutors go through a rigorous selection procedure to ensure that they possess the prerequisite skill, demonstrate subject matter expertise, tutoring methodologies that reflect our philosophies and pass our stringent background checks. Our tutors are ever ready to assist you with your journey each step of the way.

Propel your career, or expand your vocabulary and master the English Language.

Upskill your employees with our enterprise English courses.

Expand your reach, share your knowledge with millions and be your own boss

On a mission

 to create a wholesome English learning experience for one  billion people.

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