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About Jonathan Mintram

About Me
Hi, my name is Jonathan Mintram. I have a background in Human Resources prior to embarking upon my English language career, working for a number of global organizations and taking responsibility for recruitment into their IT and Purchasing departments.

I have been working as an ESL for 10 years now and have worked in a face to face capacity across Western & Eastern Europe. I am CELTA Qualified and have expertise in teaching Business English, tutoring for job interviews as well as for the CELTA and CAE exams.

I also have a lot of expertise in the fundraising and finance spheres, having worked as an international fundraiser for the climate movement globally for the last 3 years. Notably, I became a Hollywood Executive Producer during this time, making a short film with Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix.

My Teaching Style
I have a very engaging style of teaching and very quickly, within the first lesson, build a real rapport with my students, so they not only improve their English language skills, but also genuinely enjoy and look forward to each class.

I have a wealth of teaching resources and a huge amount of expertise in developing bespoke courses for each of my students on an individual basis. I don’t just limit myself in lessons to the material we are using, but am also always looking for opportunities to introduce new and more sophisticated language functions such as phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

I generally do not interrupt students when mistakes are made, but rather make notes of the inaccuracies and then refer back when my student has finished speaking. I recognise that achieving a flow and gaining confidence in speaking is as essential as completely accurate grammar.

Given my extensive business background I am able to truly empathise with my business English students as I throughly understand the reality of the their day to day activities.

BA Political Science and Sociology, The University of Birmingham

CELTA Qualified

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