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About Nicola Watson

Hi my name is Nicola Watson. As a teacher I have a passion for helping students to reach their fullest potential, creating a sense of excitement in each lesson I teach, this supports students to want to learn.

Childcare and Early years is an area of education that I am very enthusiastic about and I would like the opportunity to make learning for others as enjoyable and fulfilling as my own has been. As a teacher, it is my role to provide opportunities for all, regardless of ability, and to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.

Throughout my time in education I have always had a passion for teaching, which led me to complete a BA Hons in Education Studies. Where in my first year I studied topics such as Historical and Contemporary issues and teaching and learning in the primary sector. In addition, the second year of my degree I went on to study Philosophy of Education this gave me great insight into the contributions of key philosophers to our understanding of education, ranging from classical thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle to contemporary ones including Paulo Freire and Richard Rorty. This was one of my favourite topics as I found all the different theories very interesting.
Furthermore, I have also undertaken placement while successfully completing my PGCE at Bolton College, it was here which provided me with an invaluable insight into different teaching styles and assessment strategies. One of the modules I undertook while studying for my PGCE was promoting positive behaviour. I feel very passionate about this topic and find all the different theories behind it very interesting. I also used some of them in my teachings.

For example Lev Vygotsky believed we should support students’ learning by assessing their prior knowledge and then giving them tools to increase this knowledge. This is done by letting the student figure out how to use the tools, to encourage them to move on to the next level of learning. ‘What a child can do today with assistance, tomorrow she will be able to do by herself’ this quote was coined by Vygotsky himself and backs up his beliefs.

It is my intention to combine my array of experiences with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic and approachable tutor who will make a positive influence. I believe my academic achievements and experience to date will provide a solid foundation to build on and transfer my knowledge and skills into providing the finest learning environment. My own academic experiences have reinforced my belief in the great importance of education and also helped me develop a number of key skills and abilities which have enabled me to develop as a scholar and an individual. I am hardworking, determined, dedicated and feel that I can offer a substantial contribution to the competences required for the position.

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