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About Dallaa Moussallati

Hi, my name is Dallaa Moussallati, I am a British national and a native English Speaker. I have over 15 years of experience in teaching ESL English. I proudly cater to a large and diverse clientele.

I Teach:
Conversation English
General English
Business English
Medical English
English for Nurses
English For Tourism
English Interview Preparation
Children ( all ages)
Special Needs

My main aim is that all my students become fluent and confident in English. I have a breaking down system where any topic my students want to master is broken down so that it’s understood, processed, and learned easily and quickly. As a result, all students enjoy learning, learn at their own pace, and get brilliant results. I also focus on building confidence, setting goals, and eliminating worry, mental blocks, and anxiety regarding learning.

Before starting any lessons, I offer a free 30-minute getting-to-know-you session. Where I get to know and understand the student’s needs in detail, what kind of teaching approach they prefer, and look over the curriculum/lesson/topic the student wants to focus on so that I can break it down and make it easy to learn before the first lesson.

Homework is optional. I set and mark assignments for students outside lessons, all free of charge. I also encourage students to read books of their choice and summarise what they have read. I often read the same books with my pupils; it’s all part of increasing knowledge and creating a holistic approach to learning. Again I read and mark book summaries free of charge.

My Qualifications:
Bachelor of Science (BSc) Psychology
Certified Life Coach
Certified Transformational Coach
Quantum Healer Certificate
Quantum Doctor Certificate
Auriculotherapy Training Certificate
Hypnotherapy Training Certificate
Introduction to Aromatherapy Certificate
Quantum Healing and Consciousness Certificate
The Five Pillars of Health Certificate
Quantum Taoist Medicine and Acupuncture Certificate
Integrative Holistic Healthcare Certificate
New Quantum Medicine Certificate
Orthomolecular Nutrition Certificate
Diet and Nutrition Certificate
Brain Function and Nutrition Certificate
Quantum Homeopathy and Homotoxicology Certificate
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certificate
Tesol Teaching Certificate
Published Author of ‘A Life Untold.’

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