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Test Prep





This is a complete preparation guide to the IELTS Academic test in just 7 hours. The 56 short, clear, and informative lectures of the IELTS Elephan...
6.5 total hours
Teaching & Academics
$94.99 $12
IELTS Band 7+ Preparation Course    Do you need a Band 7+?  Have you tried repeatedly and not made progress?  Do you need an ac...
89 total hours
$34.99 $15
*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** Duolingo introduced a NEW READING SECTION into the official test on March 30, 2022. This course does not yet cover the tips ...
1 total hour
In this course you will learn how to score 140+ in Duolingo English Test. Whether you are aiming for 90 or 120+, this course has something for all....
8 total hours
***Updated June 20th, 2022.*** Looking for a clear, quick, and complete guide to the Duolingo English Test? You found it. The Emergency Course for ...
7 total hours
Teaching & Academics
$99.99 $18
The aim of this course is to fully prepare you to the TOEFL iBT test so that you receive a score of 100 points or more. This course will get you re...
10 total hours
Teaching & Academics
$19.99 $15
Welcome to my Complete Guide to TOEFL iBT | Mastering the Skills course! This course is aimed to help you develop all the skills you need to earn a...
18.5 total hours
*** February 1st, 2022 updated*** Looking for a quick and simple guide to the new TOEFL exam? You found it. The TOEFL Emergency Course was designed...
5 total hours
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