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The Complete English Language Course Improve Spoken English

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English [Auto]
A detailed and thorough knowledge of English language and grammar.
To understand English easier.
To speak and write English with MORE confidence.
Get answers to all your English language questions from someone who ACTUALLY teaches the language.

This Udemy course gives you, the English language learner, a complete overview of the English language and grammar.

This course will give you the ability to understand English better and the confidence to speak and write English more fluently.

This English language course is taught by two world-renowned communications trainers, TJ Walker and Derek Smith.

Message from Derek Smith:

My name is Derek, I’m a native Brit and qualified and experienced TEFL/TESOL trainer.

I have been teaching English to adults for over 10 years and look forward to using technology to reach a wider audience.

I have a neutral accent which is clear and easy to understand.

Downloadable PDFs for each lesson will form a valuable resource collection for you.

The course is not designed to be accessed in sequence but takes more of a pick and mix approach.

For example, if you need help with prepositions of place, simply go to the grammar section and look for the lesson on prepositions of place.

Or if you need help with present perfect continuous, go to the tenses and aspects part and check out the lesson on present perfect continuous.

Where there are differences between the UK and US language usage, these are explained in the lesson.

I encourage you to ask questions if you feel that something has not been fully or clearly explained. You will get an answer and, if necessary, the course material will be updated. Depending on the answer, I will add a new lesson to the course.


Here is a brief summary of the course benefits for you:

  • Native speaker
  • Experienced and qualified teacher
  • Neutral and easy to understand accent
  • Lessons structured for easy access
  • Downloadable resources for each lesson
  • No bloated lessons to trick you or waste your time
  • Valid for UK and US English
  • Updates as required by the learners
  • Udemy 30-day refund policy

How many of your boxes did I tick?

This is the English language and grammar course you need. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.


Message from TJ Walker

I have been teaching executives around the globe to deliver presentations in English for the last 30 years. Most people, even native English speakers, are insecure about their English language usage. You can become an accomplished speaker and communicator and know that you are using excellent English every time you speak.

Derek is one of the top English language instructors in the world and I am proud to be teaching this course with him. He has the English and European sensibility down perfectly. And I have been living in and working in the United States my entire life. When you put us together, it is a powerful combination designed to help you become a master at English language and communication.

Good luck and I hope to see you inside the course!


This English Language course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: English – English speaking – spoken English – English course – spoken English course – English speaking course – learn English – English grammar. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: English grammar – English conversation – English pronunciation.


The Complete English Language Course Improve Spoken English
Your English Language Questions Are Answered Right Here

We have created a Facebook group for this course.

The idea here is that this will give learners a more sheltered environment in which to ask questions and post texts or videos for feedback from the course trainers and your fellow learners.

The link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/648462005652882/

Please apply to join, using the name you used when you registered as a student on the course. Your application will be approved as soon as we can verify you as a learner on this course.

IMPORTANT: if your application is rejected, please send Derek a message and he will sort it out for you.

This group is for you, so please use it well. Spammers are not welcome and will not be tolerated.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Are you a beginner?

English Phrasal Verbs

Introduction to English phrasal verbs.
Phrasal verbs using 'take'
Phrasal verbs using 'cut'
Phrasal verbs using 'bring'
Phrasal verbs using 'break'
Phrasal verbs using 'get'
Phrasal verbs questions

Time to check what we covered in this section.

English Idioms

Introduction to English idioms.
Cat Idioms - 10 common cat idioms

This lesson looks at the following common cat idioms:

  • cat got your tongue?

  • raining cats and dogs

  • not enough room to swing a cat

  • the cat that got the cream

  • when the cat's away, the mice will play

  • more than one way to skin a cat

  • set the cat among the pigeons

  • something the cat dragged/brought in

  • cat burglar

  • to have kittens

Dog Idioms - 10 common dog idioms

This lesson looks at the following common dog idioms:

  • the dog's bollocks

  • in the doghouse

  • tail wagging the dog

  • teach an old dog new tricks

  • his bark is worse than his bite

  • hair of the dog

  • see a man about a dog

  • go to the dogs

  • puppy love

  • let sleeping dogs lie

Bee Idioms - 10 common bee idioms

This lesson looks at the following common bee idioms:

  • a bee in one's bonnet

  • the bee's knees

  • to make a beeline

  • busy as a bee

  • the birds and the bees

  • to buzz with excitement

  • hive of activity

  • buzz off!

  • honeytrap

  • bee-stung lips

Sports Idioms - 10 common sports idioms

This lesson looks at the following common sports idioms:

  • to skate on thin ice

  • to swim against the tide

  • two can play at that game

  • to take the wind out of their sails

  • to back the wrong horse

  • to be on the ball

  • to play ball with

  • the ball is in your court

  • to hang up one's boots / gloves

  • to play on a sticky wicket

Food Idioms - 10 common food idioms

This lesson looks at the following common food idioms:

  • a bun in the oven

  • don't cry over spilt milk

  • wake up and smell the coffee

  • a couch potato

  • bad/good egg

  • cool as a cucumber

  • go bananas

  • have your cake and eat it

  • bigger fish to fry

  • spill the beans

Colour Idioms - 10 common colour idioms

This lesson looks at the following common colour idioms:

  • blue/white collar worker

  • blue-eyed boy

  • a red herring

  • to be in the black/red

  • the pot calling the kettle black

  • let’s see the colour of your money

  • as green as grass

  • green fingers/thumbs

  • to wave the white flag

  • a white lie

Clothing Idioms - 10 common clothing idioms

This lesson looks at the following common clothes idioms:

  • caught with your trousers (pants) down

  • burn a hole in your pocket

  • fit like a glove

  • keep your shirt on

  • roll up your sleeves

  • wear the trousers ( pants)

  • below the belt

  • hot under the collar

  • a feather in your cap

  • put a sock in it

Ear Idioms - 10 common ear idioms

This lesson looks at the following common ears idioms:

  • wet behind the ears

  • bend someone's ear

  • walls have ears

  • grinning from ear to ear

  • in one ear and out of the other

  • not much / nothing between the ears

  • make a pig's ear of something

  • music to your ears

  • dog-eared

  • out on your ear

Nose Idioms - 10 common nose idioms

This lesson looks at the following common nose idioms:

  • powder one's nose

  • pay through the nose

  • keep your nose out (of my business)

  • rub someone's nose in it

  • cut off your nose to spite your face

  • thumb your nose at someone

  • as plain as the nose on your face

  • look down your nose

  • turn nose up at something

  • toffee-nosed

Eye Idioms - 10 common eye idioms

This lesson looks at the following common eye idioms:

  • eyes bigger than belly

  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • hard/easy on the eyes

  • pull the wool over your eyes

  • not a dry eye in the house

  • an eye for an eye

  • eyes in the back of your head

  • do something with your eyes closed

  • here's mud in your eye

  • get some shut-eye

Hair idioms - 10 common hair idioms

This lesson looks at the following common hair idioms:

  • splitting hairs

  • within a hair's breadth

  • win by a hair

  • get in / out of someone's hair

  • keep your hair on

  • pull your hair out

  • put hairs on your chest

  • not a hair out of place

  • let your hair down

  • in the cross hairs

Foot Idioms - 10 common foot idioms

This lesson looks at the following common foot idioms:

  • both feet on the ground

  • shoot yourself in the foot

  • put one’s foot in one’s mouth

  • get off on the wrong foot

  • one foot in the grave

  • have the shoe on the other foot

  • foot the bill

  • get cold feet

  • tied hand and foot

  • where the shoe pinches

Money Idioms - 10 common money idioms

This lesson looks at the following common money idioms:

  • licence to print money

  • right on the money

  • rolling in the money

  • funny money

  • Monopoly money

  • hush money

  • money for old rope

  • put your money where your mouth is

  • throw money at something

  • you pays your money, you takes your chance

Idioms questions

Time to check what we covered in this section.

English Grammar

Introduction to the English grammar section.
NOUNS - start here to learn about nouns.
Nouns - Abstract and Concrete - what they are and how they differ.
Nouns - Countable and Uncountable - learn how to use these correctly.
Nouns - Common and Proper - learn the difference.
Nouns - Capitalisation Rules - learn how and when to use capital letters.
Nouns - Singular and Plural - learn how to make plurals of nouns.
Nouns - Collective Nouns - these are not the same as plurals, as you will see.
Nouns - Pronouns - find out how to replace nouns in English.
Quick Tip: ... and I or ... and me? This quick and easy trick will help you.
Nouns - Possessive - learn the different ways of indicating ownership.
Nouns - Gerunds - find out how verbs can behave like nouns.
Compound Nouns - not collective, not plurals - something entirely different.
ARTICLES - start here to learn about articles.
Articles - the definite article
Articles - the indefinite articles
Articles - zero articles
ADJECTIVES - start here to learn about adjectives.
Adjectives - different types.
Adjectives - comparing equal.
Adjectives - comparing unequal.
Adjectives - superlatives - the best lesson?
Adjectives - order - learn how to order multiple adjectives.
VERBS - start here to learn about verbs.
Verbs - categories.
Verbs - regular.
Verbs - irregular.
Verbs - active and passive.
Verbs - transitive and intransitive.
Verbs - auxiliary.
Verbs - auxiliary modal.
ADVERBS - start here to learn about adverbs.
Adverbs - from adjectives - learn how to make adverbs from adjectives.
Adverbs - relative.
Adverbs - comparative.
Adverbs - superlative.
Adverbs - interrogative.
Adverbs - adverbs of place.
Adverbs - adverbs of time.
Adverbs - adverbs of frequency.
Adverbs - adverbs of certainty.
Adverbs - adverbs of degree.
Adverbs - adverbs of manner.
Adverbs - adverbs of viewpoint.
Adverbs - adverbs of opinion.
TENSES AND ASPECTS - start here to learn about tenses and aspects.
Examples with contractions - a detailed explanation.
Present Simple - usage, formation, examples.
Present Continuous - usage, formation, examples.
Present Perfect - usage, formation, examples.
Present Perfect Continuous - usage, formation, examples.
Past Simple - usage, formation, examples.
Past Continuous - usage, formation, examples.
Past Perfect - usage, formation, examples.
Past Perfect Continuous - usage, formation, examples.
Future Simple - usage, formation, examples.
Future Simple - Will vs Going To - when to use them.
Future Continuous - usage, formation, examples.
Future Perfect - usage, formation, examples.
Future Perfect Continuous - usage, formation, examples.
Reported Speech - he said, she said ...
PREPOSITIONS - start here to learn about prepositions.
Prepositions of time.
Prepositions of place.
Prepositions of direction.
Prepositions of reason.
Prepositions of connection.
Prepositions of device.
Prepositions of agency.
Prepositions of origin.
Preposition or adverb? Learn how to tell the difference.
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