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Mastering IELTS Speaking: The Express Course

An essential preparation course for students aiming to achieve Band 7+ in the IELTS Speaking test
The IELTS Teacher
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Speak with a good degree of fluency, coherence and confidence
Use strategies and formulas to improve organisation and prevent running out of ideas
Paraphrase effectively using special self-study strategies and learn how to use idioms
Avoid some of the most common grammatical, lexical and organisational mistakes of IELTS Speaking
Realise a few of the most important pronunciation features in English, and learn the foundations of how to master them
Discover some of the secret tips, techniques and strategies that help students to achieve their IELTS goals

“Dear teacher,

I’ve just received my IELTS Test Report Form, and I was able to get the scores I needed!

I was worried about the speaking test, but after following the amazing tips from this course I was able to obtain a score of 7.5.

Thank you very much for your help in obtaining these results!


Kleber da Silva



Are you struggling to achieve your IELTS goals in the Speaking component of the IELTS exam?

Are you frustrated with taking the exam again and again and again but without any improvement in your Speaking score?

Are you tired of learning long lists of vocabulary, revising the same old grammar points and staying up late to fit in more study sessions?

Are you running out of time to get the score you need?

‘Mastering IELTS Speaking: The Express Course’, the new course from The IELTS Teacher, might be the answer.

This course does not give you long lists of vocabulary to revise. It does not give you boring, complicated lectures on grammar. It does not offer General English lessons which, while useful, will not have much of an impact on your score in the short term.

Instead, ‘Mastering IELTS Speaking’ gives you the techniques, strategies and information required to make rapid improvements in your IELTS Speaking score.

This course differs from others in that it focuses specifically on the IELTS examiners’ marking criteria for IELTS Speaking; these lessons are thus designed to teach you exactly what you can do to improve your chance of meeting these criteria.

It also differs from others in that it is taught by an instructor with thousands of hours of experience teaching IELTS, having helped hundreds of students to get the score they need via Skype lessons. This course takes all the best advice from these Skype lessons and delivers it in a beautifully presented package.

Each part of the Speaking test is given its own section in this course: Section 2 relates to Part 1, Section 3 looks at Part 2, and Section 4 covers Part 3.

These sections are composed of four lectures, each one focusing on a different band descriptor category: Fluency and Coherence, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, and Pronunciation.

Model answers to IELTS Speaking questions appear throughout the course. 

The final section looks at some ‘secrets’ to scoring highly in the Speaking test, advice on how to get guidance and handle anxiety, and finally a complete walkthrough of an entire model speaking test.

Do NOT take this course if you are hoping to see long lists of vocabulary related to different topics. Learning vocabulary is helpful, but other courses and resources already exist for this!

Do NOT take this course if you are hoping to see an in-depth exploration of different grammar or pronunciation points. This course will teach you some grammar and pronunciation features, but this is in the context of common mistakes and the most effective grammar and pronunciation to use for getting a good score.

DO take this course if you want to learn strategies for creating organised, fluent, confident answers to questions.

DO take this course if you want to learn how to improve your paraphrasing ability, how to use idioms, and how to avoid common vocabulary mistakes.

DO take this course if you want to learn which grammatical structures you need to use to score band 7+, and which grammatical mistakes to avoid to prevent slipping to a 6 or less.

DO take this course if you want to learn the different features of pronunciation which have the largest impact on your score in this area, and what kind of mistakes are commonly made.

DO take this course if you are short on time or if your exam is coming up soon; as an ‘express’ course, the information here is designed to be taken quickly!

DO take this course if you want to be taught by a teacher who has taught thousands of 1-to-1 IELTS Speaking lessons, helping hundreds of students over Skype to achieve their IELTS goals and reach the next stage of their careers.

DO take this course if you want to be taught by a Udemy instructor who has one of the most 5-star ratings for any IELTS course on the entire site (Mastering IELTS: Writing Task 2 with over 3,500 5-star reviews).

I look forward to seeing you inside! 

General Overview

An Introduction to the Course
An Overview of the IELTS Exam
Understanding the Speaking Section
How to Impress The Examiner (IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors)

Part 1 - The Interview

Getting Started (Fluency and Coherence)
Avoiding Repetition (Lexical Resource)
Identifying the Question (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)
Recognising your Weaknesses (Pronunciation)
Speaking Part 1 - Wrap-up Quiz

A quiz designed to consolidate what you have learnt in this section. 

Part 2 - The Long Turn

Part 2 Strategy - Segmenting (Fluency and Coherence)
Common Vocabulary Errors (Lexical Resource)
Common Grammar Errors (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)
Syllable Stress (Pronunciation)
Speaking Part 2 - Wrap-up Quiz

A quiz designed to consolidate what you have learnt in this section. 

Part 3 - The Discussion

Discourse Markers and Listing (Fluency and Coherence)
The Art of Using Idioms (Lexical Resource)
Complex Sentences (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)
Intonation (Pronunciation)
Speaking Part 3 - Wrap-up Quiz

A quiz designed to consolidate what you have learnt in this section. 


Handling Anxiety
Getting Guidance
Secrets to Success - Tips, Tricks and Techniques in IELTS Speaking
A Model Answer - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
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