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ESL English: English for Good Jobs, Beginning

Popular English listening class makes understanding spoken English easy--from the author of twenty English textbooks!
Nina Weinstein
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Business English - Understand English conversation on the job or at school better
Learn that there are two kinds of English -- written and spoken -- and learn how to understand spoken English
Understand English conversation much better!
Practice the most important "rules" of spoken English in recorded conversations with many native English speakers!
Improve your own English conversation. Conversation is 50% listening. When your listening improves, your conversation can also improve.
Get better scores on the listening sections of tests like the TOEFL and the TOEIC!
Become more comfortable with common English accents!

Now that the world has changed, we want to be more serious about communication. English is the most widely used language to communicate across cultures.  If we want the best the world has to offer, we need our English to be the best.

There’s written English, and there’s spoken English. If you don’t know the differences, you need this class.

Your teacher, Nina Weinstein, wrote the most widely used book of spoken English — “Whaddaya Say”, published by Pearson Education.

“ESL English” is the “magic sauce” of English listening. In each lesson, you’ll enjoy many practice exercises written by Nina, the author of twenty English textbooks for major New York publishers.

“ESL English” is for people who want to talk to real English speakers and understand what they say. Both the beginning level, “ESL English”, and her intermediate listening course, “More ESL English”, are in the Udemy for Business program.

Nina Weinstein teaches English to employees of some of the biggest companies in the world; Toyota, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, and others. “ESL English” has many of the lessons that she gives for those companies.

Nina has a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and she taught her listening program at Harvard University as a teaching fellow. “ESL English”, “MORE ESL English”, and “(How to get) Your Best English” are Steps 1, 2 and 3 of her very popular English listening skills program.

“Easy, natural way to listen to native English speakers. I would absolutely recommend it. Before taking this English course, I went through many English courses, but none of them were as comprehensive as ‘ESL English’. It takes you by the hand and teaches you the real secrets to understanding native English speakers. Easy to follow and entertaining. I would absolutely recommend it.”  Salvatore Scaniglia

“Exactly what I wanted to learn! I couldn’t recognize those English sounds before going through these lessons.” Vadim Dzyuban

“This English course helps you a lot on your listening, 5-star recommended.”  Sant Cheung


After this course, you’ll be able to understand English spoken at a natural speed much better. When you can understand the real spoken English around you, you can also improve your English conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and even pronunciation. If you can hear English words more correctly, you can say them correctly. Very important — You’ll get lots of practice exercises with many different English speakers from the real world in each lesson. This practice will help you to test and improve your hearing and understanding of real English speakers in real situations. 

Note:  There are three courses. “ESL English” is the beginning listening course. “MORE ESL English” and  “(How to get) Your Best English” are the intermediate and advanced levels. Please choose the right level for you. For the best results, take the whole listening program, but Nina suggests taking “ESL English” first.

Cải thiện nói tiếng Anh Mỹ   /   음성 미국 영어를 향상   /   話されているアメリカ英語を向上させる    /   Улучшите свой американский акцент   /   Meningkatkan berbicara bahasa Inggris Amerika   /   Melhorar a fala Inglês Americano   /   Mejorar el habla Inglés Americano   /   提高口语的美式英语   /   बात अमेरिकी अंग्रेजी में सुधार   /  تحسين محادثة اللغة الإنجليزية الامريكية








İngilizce, английский, Inglés, Inglês, Ingles, Anglais, Englisch, Inglese, Inggris, angleščina, Anh



Lesson 1: How do English speakers REALLY talk? Practice exercises.

Secret 1: Learn how native English speakers REALLY speak. Reduced forms are real pronunciations of spoken English. Practice and understand the first reduced form, *ya, in natural speech. If learners learn these real pronunciations, reduced forms, it's much easier to understand native English speakers. Includes practice exercises and a test.

Understand More English

Lesson 2: *Whaddaya -- What does it mean and when do native speakers say it?

Secret 2: Learn a very common spoken English pronunciation, *Whaddaya. Practice hearing and understanding native English speakers say both real pronunciations in natural speech -- *ya, and *Whaddaya. Includes practice exercises and a test of Lessons 1 and 2.

Lesson 3: Learn a very popular spoken English sentence -- *Whaddaya *wanna . . .

Secret 3: Learn one of the three most common spoken English pronunciations, *wanna. Practice hearing and understanding native English speakers say all three real pronunciations in natural speech -- *ya, *Whaddaya, and *wanna. Includes practice exercises and a test of Lessons 1 through 3. In addition, after the lesson, download the Beatles exercise. Practice hearing *wanna with the Beatles, "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"!

Quick Quiz

Here are the reduced forms (spoken English). What's the written English for each?

Lesson 4: Three important rules to understand the "music" of English sentences!

Secret 4: Learn the two steps you must have to understand how native English speakers will pronounce any phrase or sentence. You'll practice hearing and understanding real native English speakers say all four real pronunciations (reduced forms) so far -- *ya, *Whaddaya, *wanna, and *a. Includes practice exercises and a test of Lessons 1 through 4.

Lesson 5: *Whaddaya *gonna do tonight? Every lesson has practice exercises!

Secret 5:  Learn and practice a very popular English sentence with native English speakers -- *Whaddaya *gonna . . . . 

Real world practice is very important.  Millions of people have listened to this cool song, "When I'm Gone" (Cups) by Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect. After the lecture, download the "When I'm Gone" exercises and practice what you've learned so far with this fun song!  Then download the "When I'm Gone" answers.  How did you do?

Quick Quiz

Which spoken English sentence is correct?

Lesson 6: Talk with more confidence -- *Kin I help *ya?

Secret 6: Many learners don't know when an English speaker says "can" (positive) or "can't" (negative). Learn a very easy technique. Practice hearing and understanding all of the reduced forms you've learned so far, plus *kin. Includes practice exercises and a test of Lessons 1 through 6.

Lesson 7: Sound like a native speaker! --- *Kin I *git *ya . . .

Secret 7: Add another real English pronunciation to your growing list -- *git. Practice understanding all of the reduced forms you've learned, including *git, by hearing native English speakers. Includes practice exercises and a test of Lessons 1 through 7.

Secret 8: The secret native English speaker pronunciation of prepositions!

Secret 8: Practice understanding more native English speaker conversations. Review everything you've learned. Add another reduced form to your growing list -- *ta. Bonus: Learn some important vocabulary. Includes practice exercises and a test of all of the secrets you've learned so far!

What About Australian and British English? Do They Also Use Reduced Forms?

Hear these natural pronunciations in British English -- Prince William Interview
Learn about Australian English!


Accent Reduction Fast -- THE BIG ENGLISH SECRET!

Sound more natural, more like a native English speaker, with the important secret on this video! Includes a conversation with you and me!

Informal Vocabulary We Must Know!

"Conversational strategies" are informal words or sounds like "uh", "you know", etc. Native speakers use them very often, so we need to understand them.  This lesson explains this very important part of listening to real speech.

How good is your English now? Listen to this real English.How much can you hear?

Now that you've studied real spoken English, how much real English conversation can you understand? Take this challenge to find out. 

Listening is the heart of English. Special listening materials for you!

Please review these lessons. If you have any questions, email me anytime (ninaweinstein2@gmail.com).

The textbook for this class is a complete book of reduced forms, "Whaddaya Say", Second Edition

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