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Business English: Get your tone right!

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Get your tone right with this amazing Business English course. This is a short, crisp, quick course, specially designed for an individual who’s been mistaken on what people think they meant vs. what they actually meant, who don’t know how to put things in a way that it doesn’t offend anyone. Like, do you remember the time when you tried to give a feedback to your colleague on the recent presentation they have given but you end up upsetting them because they thought you are not appreciating them for their efforts rather you are just pointing out mistakes? And you felt it’s unfair because you were just doing your job, weren’t you? Well my dear friends it happens a lot of time that because of our tone, people misunderstand us for something that we never meant and we end up feeling like nobody really gets us.

Then, this interactive course is especially for you. This course teaches you how you can get your tone right every single time you are interacting with anyone, how to select your words and ways to convey an idea and always sound polite, professional and business-like. It uses various examples and how you can adapt it in your daily life. It not just makes you learn all the theories but it actually forces more on the practical usage of it so that you can get practical outcomes out of it and can build a strong, trustful relationship with your colleagues/mates and skyrocket your career. No matter on what level you are, this course is for everyone who wants to learn and grow.

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